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An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)

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This listing is for the digital download. If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the curriculum, visit this page. You can also purchase hard copies of the Narration Notebooks & Student Sheets for each child.

An Expectant Easter is a gospel-based, Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum designed with your whole family in mind. It’s an invitation to gather your family to center your hearts on what Easter is all about. Through Bible stories, hymns, poetry, art studies, picture books, projects, baking, tea time, and nature studies, your family will spend three weeks connecting together and focusing on the newness of Spring, the sacrifice that Jesus made, and the power of his resurrection. This curriculum is designed for the 3 weeks leading up to Easter with lessons for Monday through Friday, but you can easily adapt to more or less time.

The foundation of your lesson time will include reading a passage of scripture to your children. These passages will be studied in chronological order to complete the crucifixion and resurrection story by the end of the curriculum. Children will love opening a Bible Story Easter Egg each day that a new story is read, which holds a clue to the day’s story. To practice sequencing and retention of the stories, they will enjoy putting the clues in order as you progress through the passages. Children will orally narrate each Bible story and complete a written narration in their "Easter Story Narration Notebook." They will then illustrate the day's passage, completing a 12-page keepsake by the end of the season.

Each week your family will also memorize a passage of scripture, worship together with a hymn, enjoy a poem, and study a biblically-themed piece of artwork. Along with that, each day you will snuggle together and read an Easter-themed picture book and then enjoy a coordinating handcraft or baking project that reiterates a theme in the story. On Fridays, you will have a sweet time together over tea and a treat and reflect on all you have learned. You will also complete a gentle and engaging Spring-themed nature study. 

Your digital download includes the following:

  • Weekly grids with an overview of lessons
  • Daily plans that are detailed and easy-to-follow
  • Materials list broken down by week
  • Booklist including Read-Alouds and Art/Nature Study supplements
  • Bible Story Egg Hunt Guide
  • Scripture memory display sheets & copywork
  • Poetry display sheets & copywork
  • Picture study sheets in high-resolution, full color
  • 12-Page Narration Notebook
  • Kid-friendly, classic Easter recipes
  • Handcrafts with detailed instructions, templates, and step-by-step photos

This curriculum is designed to be used with the whole family at the same time. It was created for children in Kindergarten-5th grade, but it can easily be adapted for preschoolers and middle schoolers as well.

The curriculum will be delivered as a compressed .zip folder and includes the following files:

  • 1 66-page Teacher Guide
  • 1 25-page set of Student Sheets
  • 1 Narration Notebook

This file is a digital download and will be sent to the email address you use to check out. I recommend you print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application, for the best, high-quality print results.


Digital Download Details

This file is a digital download and will be delivered electronically to the email address you use to check out. For best results, we recommend you print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application.

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Due to the nature of digital downloads, we cannot offer refunds on any digital products. All digital download sales are final.

An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)
An Expectant Easter (Digital Download)

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