Welcome to Treehouse Book Club!

Treehouse Book Club is a monthly book club membership designed for families with children ages 6-12. Dive deep into living literature in your homeschool connecting themes to science, nature, geography, history, and language arts. Then, join with online or in-person community to celebrate finishing the book together.

Coming June 18th!

July's Treehouse Book Club Pick is Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls.

Fourteen-year-old Jay Berry Lee is walking through the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma in search of a lost cow when he encounters a tree full of monkeys. When Jay learns from his grandpa that the monkeys have escaped from a traveling circus, and there’s a big reward for the person who finds and returns them, he is thrust into a story of heart, humor, and excitement.

Jay sets off, determined to catch the monkeys, as he has his eye on a pony and a hunting gun. By the end of the summer, Jay will have learned a lot more than he bargained for—and not just about monkeys.

As you immerse yourself in the story, journey back in time and learn about the Civil War and Clara Barton, transportation in the late 1800s, and the history of the circus in America. Explore nature study as you learn about sycamore trees, chimpanzees, and fairy rings. Pack your bags and travel to Cherokee Nation and the Ozark Mountains.

What's included in the Book Club Membership?

Monthly Book Guides

Each month, you'll receive a detailed Book Club Guide which includes four Weekly Lesson Grids. The Weekly Lesson Grid is intended to be used as a menu for how to study the assigned reading each week. Lesson plans are compiled in a weekly format, so the parent can choose which activities to use each day. These lessons offer opportunities to READ, DISCUSS, LEARN, EXPLORE, and MAKE bringing the books to life. The Book Club Guide also includes materials lists, recipes, worksheets, and reference links to enhance your study.

Book Report Booklet

Each month, your children will complete a book report using that month's Book Report Template. They'll illustrate their own covers, journal about their favorite characters, and write summaries of what they learned.

Illustrated Dictionary

As your children come across unfamiliar words in the story, they will create an entry in the Illustrated Dictionary. They will write the unfamiliar word, look it up in a dictionary, write the definition, and write it in a complete sentence. As the weeks go by, they will compile their own Illustrated Dictionary which can be saved and bound.

Book Club Meet-up Guide

If you are gathering with an in-person group, the Book Club Meet-up Guide provides ideas for food and activities specific to each month's book pick.

Exclusive Access to the Treehouse Book Club Community

Treehouse Book Club Members will get access bonus content in their account dashboard and connect with other members of the Treehouse Book Club community in our exclusive Community Group. This group will be used to share ideas and inspiration and find local members to plan meet-ups.

See a sample lesson plan

Each book contains four weekly lesson plans to be used as a menu so parents can choose which activities to do each day.



What if I don't have an in-person community?

The Treehouse Book Club online community can be your community! Connect with other families reading the book online or find local meet-ups in your area. You can also call your family a "Book Club" and celebrate the finishing of the book each month together by using the activity guide. If you're not interested in the club aspect, simply use the lesson plans as a full literature curriculum.

Can the Book Club Guides be purchased without a membership?

Yes! Each month after Book Club ends, the Book Club Guides will be sold individually in our shop.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes! Book Club Members can cancel their membership at any time. Visit your Treehouse Customer Account Portal and click 'Manage Memberships' or email support@treehouseschoolhouse.com.

Can this count as a literature curriculum?

Yes! The content in each month's Book Club Guide includes reading, writing, and narration. There are opportunities for copywork, author study, exploring writing styles, and completing individual creative writing resulting in a robust, year-long literature curriculum.

What ages is Treehouse Book Club Designed for?

Treehouse Book Club is designed for ages 6-12. The books can be read aloud by a parent or independently read by older students. Like all Treehouse Schoolhouse resources, it is designed for family-style learning, so there are suggestions for including younger children.

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