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Beautiful Nature Study

I love how I can decorate my homeschool space with such beautiful pictures and anatomy pages! My kids are learning how to label and practice nature notebooking with this study!

So excited to start

Such a lovely set all together so excited to teach my Littles ♥️


This item is not only physically beautiful,but uniquely points our families hearts to the beauty found only in God and Christ our savior! Thankful to have this resource to use as an open and go option for our family dinner times. It’s engaging, and helps shapes our spiritual formation in our home!

As a first time homeschooling mama, I'm excited to use this sweet morning menu bundle with my kindergartener! I think it'll set our daily rhythm off to a great start each day!

I love this curriculum!

My kids are 6,5 and 3. The curriculum was beautiful, easy to set up and my kids are all in. Its a curriculum that you can make your own. If you aren't able to do something, no biggie! I also use her Christmas program and there were crafts we never got to that we will do the next year because my kids are begging that we continue doing the curriculum.

Love it!

I love this Daily Rhythm Bundle! The Daily Rhythm Cards are exactly what I have been looking for.

Lacking quality packaging

I received our boom in a bag package and the corners of the book were bent. I would think for paying 90.00 for it that they would wrap the boom well or put it in a cardboard packaging. I'm also wondering why I had to pay 90.00 for the book but now it is only 45.00? It seems like you are all about money and lacking quality and care.

Looking forward to implementing this! Great quality material used. Beautiful!

We love this family Bible study with our teen and young children!

Homeschool planner

This planner will be sick a blessing to keep me organized and on task. I love that I can keep attendance and track of everything we do and keep it as a way to look back on what we all did and achieved thru the year. This was carefully thought out and made for all occasions and just love that!

Love the layout. Perfect for homeschoolers.

An engaging way to start off the school day.

My 6 yo and 4 yo started doing the pre-k morning bundle last year and loved that, but decided to move my 6yo up to this one and she is way more engaged with it. We love looking up the temperature and moon phases every day. I like that she gets practice writing the date and time everyday. The only thing I would add is a space to write their name like in the pre-K bundle to practice their handwriting.

Stunning curriculum

This has been such a Boone to our homeschool and has really made homeschooling easier for us. It makes the outdoors more tangible and makes learning practical.

Great Planner

This seems like it will be a great way to keep my life organized from week to week. My only qualm with the planner is that there aren’t any tabs distinguishing the months. I resolved it by adding post it flags for each month but they obviously don’t look as nice.

Love this planner!

I love this planner! There is so much room for writing and as an eclectic homeschooler who uses lots of different resources this makes it easier to plan for them all. It truly is an all in one planner! You won’t regret it

Beautifully made! Just what I need!

This is our first year using this Planner! I decided to go with the Digital Copy and make this planner my own! Super excited to use for this up coming homeschool year!! 🙌

Morning Time Bundle 2024 (Digital Download)
Denise Lavigne

My 5 and 6 year olds love doing this! I love how simple it is and how easy it is to incorporate into our morning time.

Such a beautifully designed curriculum! My kids love the hand rhymes and I can see their love for nature taking root.

I love it!

I bought the hard copy of the Homeschool Planner for the first time for our upcoming homeschool year, and I LOVE it! Excellent format, great layout, done with excellence, concise and easy to follow, and also BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for this product, Treehouse Schoolhouse!

Working out really nicely with my kiddos!

Beautiful! Excited to have these in my homeschool room this school year!

Exactly what I was looking for

It has everything you need and nothing you don't. simple, practical and pretty.

Beautiful and durable

Beautiful cards—love the watercolor idea. Excited to use these! They are a bit pricey so I’m hoping they last a looong time.

Beautiful and well done

Very thankful for the thorough, beautiful, easy to access nature study! I've been following along with Treehouse Schoolhouse house for a while and was finally able to purchase the nature study after trying some of the free samples. So excited for the years to come!