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We’re one week in and loving the summer nature study! The topics are highly engaging and I love that it pulls from Charlotte Mason. There are many hands on activities. Everything is beautiful and well designed. Thank you!

My kids and I love this set! Ages 3 & 5

Beautiful way to start the day

Every morning my kids ask what we are doing today, having this beautiful collection that mixes the more mundane parts of the day with things the kids look forward to has been a lovely way to start our morning. We have a large velcro strip on the wall of our dining room and the kids love putting together our day with me. This has helped cut down on the questions of what comes next. Even my kids that can't read know what's coming up by the picture. We are just at the beginning of our homeschool journey but I can see this sticking with us year after year.

Beautiful + practical

Gorgeous graphics and exactly the resource I needed for my 3 & 5 year old.


So cute, easy to use, and developmentally appropriate for my 4 and 5 year old. Love it!

Love it!

My 3 and 5 year old love doing this together. I’m becoming a huge fan of all things treehouse schoolhouse!

Exactly what I was looking for.

This Bible study is what I have been looking for to add to our Homeschool day. reading directly from the Bible, having good talks about what it is saying, singing, and all of the beauty aspects have been great. My children have been enjoying it as well as I have.

A must have for discipling your kids in an engaging way!

Treehouse Schoolhouse is wonderful for family style learning and there’s no exception for Rooted. This is an amazing tool to engage the family in an interactive, hands on way. Being able to take your time on a character trait that follows God and take your time with it really allows you to connect the Word and put it into action. I can’t recommend Rooted enough!

So excited!

So excited to start using this with my upcoming kindergartener!

My kids love it!

Great morning time bundle, my kids enjoy it!

So sweet

Really love this, it’s a very sweet curriculum to use as either a morning time or family devotional


Our family is new to homeschooling. We have just dove into “Rooted!” We love it! My kids love the conversations and the pictures. I am recommending this to everyone!


I am so grateful I found this! The illustration is beautiful and the layout is perfect. We are working on week one now and my kids are really engaged. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Loving it!

Working great for my almost 5 year-old! She prefers this morning time bundle over the previous one we had. I think she feels more grown-up now that she can trace her numbers and write her name. Her favourite section is definitely the ‘What are you wearing today” section. Very happy with the preschool version.


Love the detailed pages and the study is exactly what we were looking for.

Such a beautiful unit!

Love this material

I have a 3 and 4 year old that love doing this nature study! It’s non intensive and easy to work into their early and varied (between them) attention and ability levels! 100% recommend!


I love that this is so straightforward-open and go with minimal prep needed!! I cannot wait to use this with our boys!!

I was debating on a few curriculums, but after I tried Treehouse Schoolhouse's Expectant Easter, I went ahead and got this one. It is excellent, just what I was looking for!

Beautifully Written Study

We are having so much fun and learning so much with this beautifully done study. Nothing but good to say!

Great program

Stunning program. So much thought and love went to this program. Highly recommend

We love the content and beautiful images.

Wonderful Resource!

I am so glad I decided to give An Expectant Easter a try this year. I have 5 boys, ages 12,9,7,3 and an infant. I started a little bit late, but went into the week after Easter, and it worked out very well. All the boys really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt each day. It was an easy way to get them excited about starting school. Generally, I am not great about incorporating hands on activities, but I was actually able to do some of these suggestions because they were simple enough and used common items. We loved doing salt dough eggs, the egg pizza, birds nest macaroons, and the sock bunnies. The sock bunnies especially have brought us much laughter as we put them on our windowsill and chuckle over their unique personalities. The hymns, Scripture verses, artwork and poetry all fit together beautifully. I am saving their Easter notebooks as a keepsake. It has been a treat for the boys to have something to show their dad and grandparents. I loved the resources for extra study. We loved the book about Louisa May Alcott, and are still finishing up the Da Vinci book. Thank you for all your hard work in putting together this wonderful curriculum! I have recommended it to many friends and family!

It was great I would recommend it. The kids and I had such a great Easter with all the pre work. Looking forward to using other of her unit studies.

Love all of it and excited to get into it and use it!