FREE Book Lists

These carefully curated book lists feature living books with beautiful illustrations. Enjoy timeless classics and discover new favorites with both fiction and non-fiction selections.

Sweet Spring Picture Books

This list features 20 picture books that celebrate all things Spring–flowers, butterflies, bunnies, and more!

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An Expectant Easter Book List

Get the full booklist from An Expectant Easter including:

  • Read-aloud books
  • Nature-based books
  • Gospel-based books
  • Artist & Poet study books
  • YouTube read-aloud links
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100 Living Books for the Early Years

This booklist includes: 

  • Board and picture books
  • Storybook collections and treasures
  • Poetry books your children will love
  • Novels that make great read-alouds for the younger years
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Sunny Summer Picture Books

Discover our 20 favorite Summer-themed picture books for a fun and intentional summer.

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Abundant Autumn Picture Books

Fall back in love with reading with delightful picture books all about Autumn. This list features 20 Autumn fiction books with links to YouTube read-alouds.

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A Connected Christmas: Around the World Book List

Celebrate Christmas through the eyes of other cultures with these beautiful books. This FREE booklist includes a selection of 15 books from 15 countries with links to YouTube read-alouds.

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A Connected Christmas Book List

Get the full book list from A Connected Christmas featuring cozy, timeless, character-building and gospel-based books curated for a meaningful season full of connection.

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Cozy Winter Book List

Cuddle up by the fire with these cozy picture books that celebrate the beauty of Winter.

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