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“Early in our home education I went on a search for a gentle guide to take our family on an educational journey through the seasons. I wanted something that was simple and beautiful and that introduced my children to art, poetry, living books, and nature in an organic way. I couldn't find what I had dreamed up in my head, so instead I developed it. My hope is that Treehouse Nature Study is a tool to truly awaken delight and wonder in your home education.”


Four Seasons Collection

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Download a free sample of Birds of Prey Week from Treehouse Nature Study: Autumn. Take a peek inside the collection and try it out with your children.

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Our Core Values

  • Whole-Family Learning

    Our resources are designed with family-style learning in mind, so they can be used across multiple ages.

  • Open and Go

    We design our curriculum to be easy to follow with minimal prep needed.

  • High-Quality Materials

    Our products are not only practical but beautiful. We use high quality illustrations and offer professional printing and binding.

  • Educating the Whole Child

    Our products educate more than a child's mind through music, poetry, art, nature, and rich literature.

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