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Treehouse Nature Study: Spring

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Recommended for: Early Years (PreK-K)Primary Years (K-3rd)

A Charlotte Mason and Waldorf-Inspired Seasonal Nature Study for the Whole Family

Treehouse Nature Study is a seasonal nature study curriculum designed with family-style learning in mind. It is a gentle guide meant to invite various ages to connect with each other and the world around them through living books, nature notebooking, hands-on projects, and beauty subjects such as poetry, picture study, and folk songs. 

From preschool through upper middle school, it appeals to every age and is easily used with multiple ages at the same time. 

It would be a great fit for your preschool or kindergartener’s core curriculum or your whole family’s home education Morning Time and Nature Study. It also provides supplemental work for your children’s language arts through poetry memorization, recitation, copywork, and notebooking.

    Get the full year-long curriculum in Treehouse Nature Study: Four Seasons Collection

    Spring Nature Study Themes

    Each week of this 13-week guide is focused on a seasonal nature theme.

    The Spring themes are:

    • Seeds and Sprouts
    • Rainbows
    • Spring Equinox
    • Snails and Worms
    • Caterpillars, Moths, and Butterflies
    • Birds
    • Edible Gardening
    • Clouds and Rain
    • Bees
    • Snakes
    • Spring Flowers
    • Insects
    • Pond Life
    Teacher's Guide

    The Treehouse Nature Study Teacher's Guide is an overview with everything you need to guide your children through each day's nature study lesson. Each week of this 13-week study includes a weekly grid with daily lesson instructions making it easy to follow along. Each week has a themed folk song, hand rhyme, poem, and picture study. The daily lesson plans walk you through engaging with these beauty subjects in a new way each day. They also include links to Spotify and YouTube where you can listen to the folk songs together and learn the movements of the week's hand rhyme.

    In addition to the beauty subjects, the teacher's guide includes step-by-step instructions for each week's Nature Connection Activities including recipes, experiments, and handcrafts. There are detailed material lists for each week making it easy to quickly prep for the week's activities.

    At the core of Treehouse Nature Study is a focus on living books. Each week in the Teacher's Guide includes fiction, non-fiction, and reference books that correlate to the week's theme. The guide highlights relevant reference pages from The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock and the books in The Julia Rothman Collection. Your digital purchase of Treehouse Nature Study includes a Master Book List with over 150 books organized by theme.

    Student Sheets

    What sets Treehouse Nature Study apart from other studies are the beautiful, vintage illustrations and true-to-life diagrams. The student sheets include folk song lyrics, hand rhyme lyric and motion sheets, poetry and poetry copywork, and classic art picture study sheets. These full-color, high-resolution display sheets feature vintage botanical and nature illustrations including nature anatomy and life cycle posters. In addition, the student sheets offer hands-on activities like 3-part cards, scavenger hunts, investigation worksheets, and more.

    Reference Materials

    It is our desire to makeTreehouse Nature Study as "open and go" as possible. In addition to the Master Book List, your digital purchase also includes mini-biographies of each artist and poet organized by week. The introduction of the Teacher's Guide includes detailed instructions on how to tailor the study to different age groups so you can easily use it with the whole family. In addition, the introduction includes a Picture Study Guide and Nature Study Notebooking Guide to teach you how to guide your children through these activities that may be new to your family.

    Digital Download Details

    This file is a digital download and will be sent to the email address you use to checkout. The curriculum is a compressed .zip file that contains folders for each season with the Teacher Guide, Student Sheets organized by week, and Reference Materials. For best quality print results, we recommend you print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application.

    Hard Copy Details

    This hard copy curriculum will be professionally printed on a commercial-grade printing press on sturdy 70 lb. weight matte paper. The hard copy includes:

    • 1 Teacher Guide, spiral-bound with a glossy cardstock cover.
    • 1 Set of Student Sheets, printed single-sided on heavy-weight paper. I recommend you purchase additional Student Sheets for each additional student in your family.

    This will guarantee your artwork and display pieces are of the highest quality and can be used for many years. All hard copies will ship in 3-5 business days. You will also receive your digital files right away.

      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring
      Treehouse Nature Study: Spring


      • Family Style Learning

      • Beauty and Goodness

      • Living Books

      • Hands-On Learning

      From preschool through upper middle school, it appeals to every age and is easily used with multiple ages at the same time.

      Introduce children to the beauty around them and incorporate beauty subjects such as poetry, art study and music.

      Enjoy an extensive booklist of picture books, non-fiction titles, and relevant reference selections from the most popular books for nature study in home education.

      Instead of simply studying nature, immerse your children in it with activities like foraging for mushrooms, nature walks, animal track identification, notebooking and more.

      “Early in our home education I went on a search for a gentle guide to take our family on an educational journey through the seasons. I wanted something that was simple and beautiful and that introduced my children to art, poetry, living books, and nature in an organic way. I couldn't find what I had dreamed up in my head, so instead I developed it. My hope is that Treehouse Nature Study is a tool to truly awaken delight and wonder in your home education.”


      Try a free week!

      Get a free week from Treehouse Nature Study: Spring when you join our Treehouse Schoolhouse email community. This free download comes from Week Five: Caterpillars, Moths, and Butterflies.

      Download Now


      We absolutely love Treehouse Nature Study. Everything has been planned out for you to easily pull out and use each day. There is a rhythm to each day and flow throughout the week. Our young preschool aged children especially love the hand rhymes, listening to the music, and learning hands on with some of the suggested activities.


      The hand rhymes & vintage photo studies are a family favorite each week. So excited to continue to use these studies each year & dig deeper, definitely worth the purchase!


      Our lessons are the best part of our day and it's added so much fun to our weekly routine. My kids love the poems and folk songs, I love artist/art study, the illustrations are gorgeous that my children are so drawn to learn more about each subject. I highly recommend this material to anyone who is looking for a beautiful curriculum to add some luster to your homeschool routine!


      Thank you so much Lyndsey for bringing some much needed beauty, peace, and togetherness to our homeschool! This curriculum will serve us for years to come and brings just the right amount of beauty to our day.


      Absolutely love this curriculum. Having home educated for almost 10 years I've been through my fair share of curriculum. This, hands down, is my favourite. It's simple, inspiring and beautiful.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Kayla Thomason
      Life giving!

      We adore all treehouse schoolhouse curriculum! The spring nature study has been such a fun and wonderful addition to our homeschool

      Rachel S Wilcox
      Love this material

      I have a 3 and 4 year old that love doing this nature study! It’s non intensive and easy to work into their early and varied (between them) attention and ability levels! 100% recommend!

      Beautifully Written Study

      We are having so much fun and learning so much with this beautifully done study. Nothing but good to say!

      Kat wilson

      Absolutely stunning curriculum! My kids are 6,5,2 and infant. It’s so adaptable to all ages and the calendar and teacher guide make it easy for me to manage along with all the other craziness of motherhood.

      Versatile and Full of Beauty

      Used with my 3 and 7 year olds. I was really dissatisfied with my Science curriculum so I scrapped it mid-year and bought this. Wow, my kids are so much more engaged and by the end of each week, they have learned so much. We never really got into the hand rhymes or songs but between the book list, little experiments, and note booking, it was just right. Engaging for both children.