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Feelings Wheel & Calm Down Cards Set

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One of the most important skills we can teach our children is how to self-regulate their emotions. I created this Feeling Wheel for Kids and Calm Down Cards Set to give my children a fun and visual tool for identifying and regulating their emotions. 

The emotions on the Feeings Wheel are separated into four colors. This is known as the “Four Zones of Regulation,” and is often used in classrooms and in occupational therapy. I simplified the feelings and created simple visuals for each one. 

The Calm Down cards are simply that–strategies put on cards, so that in the heat of a moment, your child can choose a card to help them calm down and “get back to the green zone.” 

Read more about how I use this set to Help Kids Handle Big Emotions.

This file is a digital download and will be delivered electronically. I recommend you print on cardstock, cut out and laminate for longer use.

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Feelings Wheel & Calm Down Cards Set
Feelings Wheel & Calm Down Cards Set
Feelings Wheel & Calm Down Cards Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marinka DeAth

My son loves the cards, very helpful.


Not what I expected. It was a download as opposed to a physical product, which is disappointing when you’re anticipating a physical product. The download was amazing quality though!

Perfect for my preschooler!

I love this visual way to handle big emotions with my preschooler. He was able to understand it quickly and we often use it when he’s feeling upset or angry. Sometimes when he is having a rough day he will go grab it himself and show me how he is feeling. It’s also helped him to understand that there are positive ways to handle big emotions.

So helpful for my kid’s!

This is exactly what I was looking for my kids to help them calmly express themselves! It had been so helpful in our family and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my young children in how they handle big emotions!

Love our feelings wheel!

Perfect for my daughter. Really helps to navigate her emotions.