20 Favorite Podcasts for Children

20 Favorite Podcasts for Children

My kids LOVE listening to stories while eating meals, coloring, or building with legos. Podcasts are one of our favorite free ways to listen to stories. 

I stream all of these on Spotify and cast them to our Bluetooth speaker in the center of the table or play them in the car. They can all be found on other platforms as well.

Podcasts that emphasize virtuous living, positive character traits & Biblical truths

Lamplighters Kids Stories

Short engaging stories & songs that promote traditional virtues such as beauty, grace, and courage. Each episode wraps up with a few discussion questions!

God's B!g Story

Short conversations and teachings about Biblical concepts in a kid-friendly format. Episodes include prayer, Bible stories, teaching, and songs.

Good Way

A Charlotte Mason & Classical Education morning time podcast that includes scripture readings, songs, hymns, poetry, fables, and stories.

Kids Bible Stories

Delightful Bible stories are presented in an engaging way with voices and sound effects. Episodes conclude with an application to connect the story to their lives.

Paws & Tales

Truths from God's Word and character traits are taught through stories narrated by forest animals.

Podcasts that explore history, science, or nature study

These five podcasts inspire young nature lovers, scientists, and historians. If you use Treehouse Nature Study, it’s really fun to line up the episodes from the science podcasts with the theme you’re studying each week! My kids have learned so much listening while they play with legos, eat lunch, or model with clay.

Brains On!

This science podcast is co-hosted by kid scientists! Episodes answer questions from listeners and include topics like dust, why dogs stink, and how the internet works.

Real Cool History for Kids

Real Cool History for Kids tells amazing historical stories from a Biblical worldview perspective. The host is Angela O'Dell, a homeschool mom and well-known author.

The Past & The Curious

This history podcast for families shares amazing and random stories from history. You'll enjoy the humor and music in this podcast as you learn real facts from history.

No Sweat Nature Study

This nature study podcast shares seasonal facts, nature walk and journaling inspiration, and outdoor challenges for homeschool families.

Nature & Science 4 Kids

Each short episode presents facts and stories about the wonders of nature and science from a Christian perspective.

Podcasts that tell stories featuring folktales, fables, and original stories


On this podcast, you'll find original stories along with classic fairy tales, folktales, poetry, and myths. This one is great for children ages 3 and up.

Little Stories for Tiny People

This podcast features original stories that will delight all ages. I love the sound effects and creativity of these calming tales.


This storytelling podcast features retellings of classic fairy tales and classic stories as well as originals. It's great for all ages!

African Folktales

This podcast features short tales originating in Africa and originally passed down from generation to generation. You will love the host, Miss Jo Jo!

Fun Fables

On this show, you'll hear funny reimagined versions of classic folktales and fables, such as "The Three Little Pigs" and "Little Red Riding Hood." Get ready to laugh!

Podcasts that explore classical music, dance, hand rhymes, and movement games

Some of these include classical music education and others dance moves and rhythm games. Read the descriptions and check them all out!

Classics for Kids

This podcast combines classical music and the stories of musicians for an entertaining and educational experience. This podcast is a great addition to a classical or Charlotte Mason home education.

Busy Kids Love Music

Episodes of this podcast explore music around the world, musical terms, and composers' lives and stories. This one is another great addition to homeschool lessons.

Toddler Tunes

Imagine a calming storytime music time at your favorite library. This podcast brings that right into your car or home with songs, fingerplays, and movement activities. Perfect for young ones ages 1-4.


The short episodes in this podcast are perfect for a movement break when children need to get their wiggles out. This creative movement podcast includes spatial awareness activities, dance moves, and rhythm games.

I hope you've enjoyed all of these suggestions! What podcasts does your family love to listen to?




Emily Stevenson

“Tiny Theologians” is a great podcast as well.

John Kwasny

Would love for you to check out my podcast for kids, One Story Time, and see what you think!


I would love to introduce you and your family to another kid story podcast that points little hearts to Jesus and the gospel in a fun way. It’s called Ms Adventure’s Treehouse. I hope you enjoy it!

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