Introducing Rooted Family Bible Curriculum

Introducing Rooted Family Bible Curriculum

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As a young 20-something, a passage of scripture became deeply ingrained into my soul: 

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
whose trust is the Lord.
He is like a tree planted by water,
that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when the heat comes,
for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
for it does not cease to bear fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8

I had been following Jesus for as long as I could remember, but when I read these verses, I was at a pivotal time in my life as I worked towards making my faith my own. As a child, my parents taught me the truth of God's Word; I grew up attending church and I went to Bible college with plans to become a Christian educator.

But in my early twenties, I experienced deep pain in relationships and with the church. I was at a fork in the road. Would I continue down the path of life in pursuing a relationship with God? Or would I believe the lie that life would be better on my own, without God?

Through many nights of tears and seeking God for answers and healing, these verses in Jeremiah struck me. At this moment, I realized my numerous years of studying the Word, praying, and trusting God through my childhood and teenage years had led to this crossroad. I had tasted and seen the goodness of God. I had felt His presence and heard His voice. God had led me through high school relationships and protected me from destructive choices. Even in my pain and questioning, my heart was for God. I truly loved the Lord, and even when I was tempted in my heart and mind, I knew there was no other path for my life. My roots were down deep and I had to follow Him. My faith was no longer my parents' decision—it was mine. 

Since that time, these verses in Jeremiah have underscored my life. I made the choice to heal and continue to pursue the Lord. My life has not been easy, but I can confidently say God has kept the promises written in Jeremiah. Even when unimaginable things happened to me, I did not crumble. I leaned into the Living Water and have continued to bear fruit in my life: peace, joy, purpose, and hope.

My vision in creating Rooted Family Bible Curriculum 

rooted family bible curriculum volume one

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One is a family Bible curriculum designed to cultivate deep roots in the rich soil of God's Word. Rooted was created to instill courage, confidence, and Biblical character in your children by rooting them in their heavenly identity, their devotion to God, and the wisdom of Scripture. This study is about giving children a solid root system in the Word of God before we launch them into the world. 

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One is an 18-week family Bible curriculum. Each week includes five lessons that center on one declaration statement related to the themes of Identity, Devotion, and Wisdom. Rooted incorporates beauty subjects with Bible study including daily Scripture readings, discussion and prayer prompts, hymns, poetry, and art study.

Teaching children the Word of God in a way that develops faith

As a parent, this concept of giving children a deep and wide healthy root system in the Word of God has been my number one priority. In my own life, I experienced firsthand how important it is to own your faith. I believe children must not only know the Word, but God Himself. Children need to learn how to process scripture and how to respond in prayer and worship. I want my children to experience what it looks like to use their inclinations and gifts to express worship to God. I want them to see life through the lens of truth and beauty. I don’t want my children’s faith to be based on my faith, but instead in God Himself. When their time comes to launch into the world, I want to feel confident that their roots are deep. When trouble comes their way, I want them to stand firm.

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Themes and Declarations in Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum began as a response to the faith I wanted to cultivate in my children. As I started developing this curriculum, I asked myself what key truths I wanted my children to take hold of. I prayed about this and jotted down what came to my mind and heart. I compiled 18 truths or intentions that fall into three categories: 

  • Identity
  • Devotion
  • Wisdom

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family home study bible devotional

This is where Rooted, Volume One begins. Each week, the curriculum guides children to memorize one declaration statement that emphasizes a truth about their personal Christian identity or an intention of living as a devoted and wise follower of Christ. Some of these declarations are:

  • I am deeply loved by God.
  • I trust God, in good times and bad.
  • I am a good steward of all that I have.

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Blending spiritual lessons with beauty subjects 

children's bible lesson art component

Rooted is designed to bring the Word of God to life and help children to imagine how they can outwardly express their personal relationship with God and their emotions about spiritual things through writing, drawing, art, and music. 

While thousands of devotionals and Bible curriculums exist, I could not find one that incorporated spiritual truths with beauty subjects such as poetry, art, and hymns. I designed Rooted Family Bible Curriculum to include these elements each week, all pointing back to each week’s declaration. I intertwined these subjects to allow children to experience how humans have felt and responded to God by composing hymns, poems, and artwork throughout centuries.

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Encouraging children to develop their individual faith in a family setting

As you work through lessons in Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One, children will declare statements of faith, sing hymns, read scripture and poetry, and recite select verses. Discussion questions and prayer prompts invite children to engage in open, thoughtful discussion and worship.

children family bible curriculum

To amplify these messages, each lesson suggests Connection Activities that link the Bible lesson to other subjects including geography, writing, and math. 

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Ways to use Rooted Family Bible Curriculum

rooted family bible curriculum morning routine

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum is an open-and-go guide that works for any familyhomeschooling or not. Each day’s lesson could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how deep your family gets into the discussion and your choice to include optional Connection Activities such as hymn study, science connections, copywork, journaling, and art projects.  

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Connection Activities in Rooted Family Bible Curriculum 

bible verse scripture illustrating activities

Rooted is both a Bible study framework and a platform to illustrate Bible teachings in school subjects and everyday life. Each day's study includes a Connection Activity, which is an optional activity for you to reinforce the day’s lesson in a fun, hands-on way. These activities are perfect for homeschool families, with prompts to connect the Bible lesson to other subjects like geography, writing, and math.

In this section of the daily lesson, you will find activities such as role-play, serving opportunities, and more Bible research and study. Often your child will have a prompt to write and draw in their Bible Notebook. You will find that the Rooted curriculum is flexible enough to adapt to and enhance your children's unique interests, while also complementing other areas in your homeschool studies or family life.

Putting together a Bible Notebook as you go through Rooted

children scripture writing activities

Many prompts throughout Rooted Family Bible Curriculum refer to a Bible Notebook. As your family works through Rooted, each child will create a Bible Notebook to compile lessons, artwork, Scripture copywork, meaningful messages, and more. When you finish the study, I hope the Bible Notebook will become a keepsake for you and your children and that it will be a reminder of the foundational lessons you have explored together during this time.

You can use the Rooted Bible Notebook lined pages provided or any blank-page journal or journal with both lines for writing and a blank space for drawing on the page. A Rooted Bible Notebook cover page and blank lined journaling pages are in the digital download files and are included with every purchase.

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Music and digital media in Rooted

In keeping with each week's declaration and scripture, a hymn or song is included that represents the week's lesson. Access the Spotify playlist from the study resources and sing along to the hymn or worship song with your children each day. Song lyrics are provided at the beginning of each section, as well as in the display sheets. 

Other sections of this study use online media to illustrate ideas presented in the lessons or scripture. The study resources also include a link to a YouTube playlist for additional learning.

Schedule ideas for using Rooted Family Bible Curriculum

Regardless of your family’s schedule, you can find a way to prioritize gathering together to study God’s Word together. Use Rooted Family Bible Curriculum as a menu and let it serve your family by using which elements work best for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Complete the day’s lesson over breakfast each morning. Giving children something to eat or play with quietly with their hands often helps them listen.

  • Split the day’s lesson into pieces. Do some together in the morning, and then add in any pieces of the study that include writing, drawing, and the Connection Activity after your child gets home from school or during your homeschool lessons later in the day.

  • Use Rooted Family Bible Curriculum in the evenings, after dinner as a family devotional.

  • Spread one week into two weeks if you have trouble fitting it in each weekday.

family morning devotional

Using Rooted Family Bible Curriculum in Bible classes, co-ops, and small groups

Similar to using Rooted in a family setting, this curriculum is well-suited for churches, small groups, and Bible classes for ages 6 and up.

In a weekly setting, I recommend choosing select components to really dive deep into the topic instead of trying to cover everything. For example, you could use the weekly declaration, select scripture readings, discussion and prayer prompts. Browse the week's Connection Activities and choose the best-suited one for your group or setting.

Or, for each Rooted declaration, complete all of the activities but only for use one or two of the daily lessons. You may not be able to cover all of the elements in the book, but this means you can save or reuse the material again and tailor it differently every time. 

If you intend to use any of our curriculum with a small group, church, or co-op you will need to purchase a Small Group License.

What Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One looks like

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One is an 18-week family Bible study. Each week includes five lessons that focus on one declaration statement related to the themes of Identity, Devotion, and Wisdom. Rooted seamlessly blends Bible study with beauty subjects, including daily Scripture readings, discussion and prayer prompts, hymns, poetry, and art study.

family group bible study curriculum

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum is geared for ages 6 and up, but can easily be adapted.

Each week features daily lesson plans including:

  • Weekly declaration statement
  • Hymn
  • Scripture reading
  • Discussion prompts
  • Beauty subjects (poem or artwork related to the week's theme)
  • Scripture memory
  • Prayer prompts
  • Family connection activities

Print and digital download details

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One consists of an 18-week, 192-page curriculum and is available in print or digital download. In addition to the Rooted book, you will also receive the following digital downloads that coordinate with your study:

  • 72 hand-painted, watercolor display sheets
  • Bible notebook pages, both primary and intermediate lined

Hard copy orders include both the printed curriculum and the digital download file. Additional printed display sheets are available for purchase separately.

What's next for Rooted?

I am thrilled to see Rooted Family Bible Curriculum come to life. Volume One focuses on developing the identity of a Christ-follower and the inward heart work of the Holy Spirit. In 2024, I expect to release Volume Two, which will focus on the purpose and fruits of a life surrendered to God. I hope that Rooted will help you to richly nurture the love of God in your homes in the way I have longed to do with my children.

Try a free week!

Download a free sample of Rooted Family Bible Curriculum, Volume One — Week 1: I was created with a purpose. Try out the study with your family to decide if it would be a good fit.

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Marie Santos

I am so excited about this book!! I downloaded week 1 to try with my kids as an evening devotional, as I start work early and it is easier to get together at dinner or after. What a wonderful work of art and beautiful way to worship God together as a family everyday! Thank you so much for creating this. I can’t wait to purchase my hard copy! Greetings from France ♥️

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