Identity in Christ Children’s Bible Lesson [FREE Download]

Identity in Christ Children’s Bible Lesson [FREE Download]

As children grow in their faith and knowledge, understanding Christian identity and seeing themselves as children of God is an important truth to instill in their hearts. We can teach children Bible stories, memory verses, and all the characters in the Bible, but how do we make the gospel come to life and make it real to them? As children learn about the power of God and Jesus, how can we encourage them to develop their own personal identity in Christ?

What is Christian identity?

identity in christ children's Bible study

From a young age, how children view themselves will impact every aspect of their lives. Recognizing personal identity goes hand in hand with learning about the truths and freedom that is offered in the gospel message. In Christ, children should take to heart that they are loved and worthy of God’s love. If they are able to understand and comprehend God’s love, it can propel their lives to follow Jesus and help them stand with strength in their faith during the ups and downs of life.

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Here are some key concepts that may come up as you reflect on or discuss Christian identity with your children:

If this subject is something you are exploring in your family or in your church, here is a Bible lesson designed to study Christian identity with the children in your family, or in a Sunday school class or group devotional.

Identity in Christ Children’s Bible Lesson

Read and Discuss

christian identity children's bible study

Look up each passage alongside your children. Open your Bibles and find the passages listed below. Read each passage aloud. Stop to discuss any parts they don’t understand. After you finish reading the passage, ask them to explain the main idea of what you read. 

Read Psalm 139:13-16This passage says that every person was intricately and intentionally created by God in their mother’s womb. Before you were even born, God had a purpose for your life and knew about every day you would live.

Read Matthew 10:30-31. Even in the midst of the entire universe, we are not small or unseen. God loves us and understands us, even down to the number of hairs on our heads. He knows more about us that we know about ourselves.

Read Romans 5:6-8. Even though we were sinners, God sent Christ to die for us. God showed his love for us through Jesus' death, which allows us to be united with God.

Read Philippians 3:12-14, 20. Because we have been saved by Christ, we are called to live with purpose. Even though we are surrounded by the world, we have a higher calling to our home in heaven. God's love for us propels us to live differently.


Use these questions to begin a conversation. Share your own thoughts and experiences with discovering your identity in Christ.

  • Do you ever feel insignificant? Why or why not?
  • Do you ever believe a lie that God doesn't love you or think you are special?
  • Drawing from the Bible passages you have read, what does the Bible say is at the core of our identity?
  • How does it make you feel to know that the Creator of the universe looks at you and thinks that you are special?

  • What about your own identity do you think reflects the nature of God?


identity in christ bible study children

Encourage your child to spend some time thinking about what God says about them and how He sees them. Then draw or paint a self-portrait and write a list of things that God says you are. Think about what you love about how God made you and include those too!

god made me children's bible study
identity in christ children's bible study


Thank God for the unique and special ways He made you. 

Ask God to help you remember that you were made with a purpose.

Ask God to use your individuality for His purpose.

Develop spiritual truths with Rooted Family Bible Curriculum

christian identity children's bible study

Rooted Family Bible Curriculum is a home Bible study devotional for families who want to cultivate a love of the Bible in their homes. Follow the link below to try a week of Rooted Family Bible Curriculum.

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Rooted is a journey of the heart guided by Scripture, beauty, art, hands-on connections, and family discussion. Instill courage, confidence, and Biblical character in your children by rooting them in their heavenly identity, their devotion to God, and the wisdom of Scripture. It's about giving children a solid root system in the Word of God before we launch them into the world. 

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Rooted Family Bible Curriculum is an 18-week family Bible curriculum. Each week centers around one declaration statement related to the themes of Identity, Devotion, and Wisdom. Rooted incorporates beauty subjects with Bible study including daily Scripture readings, discussion and prayer prompts, hymns, poetry, and art study.

Will you try this children's Bible study in your home or Sunday school? Share how you used it in the comments below!

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