Recap: An Expectant Easter Week One

Recap: An Expectant Easter Week One

Over one thousand families joined us for our first week of An Expectant Easter! So many photos and videos full of joy and connection were shared on Instagram all week long. Here were the highlights of the week.

All throughout the week, the kids memorized John 3:16-17 through recitation and copywork.

They enjoyed the poem "To The First Born" by Louisa May Alcott. One of the days they studied Alcott's life and another day they illustrated a picture of what the poem spoke to them.

This week's hymn was "In Christ Alone." It brought many to tears as they sang the powerful truths alongside their children. We enjoyed discussing the meanings of phrases in the hymn and listening to it throughout each day.

For art study, each day we observed and discussed Leonardo Da Vinci's piece, "The Last Supper." One of the days we did a deeper study into the artist's life and and another day the children replicated the piece.

We also studied four portions of scripture this week, and the children responded to the reading through narrations and drawings. Each day, the children hunted for a clue to the day’s scripture using the Bible Story Easter Egg Hunt. We began with Jesus' journey into Jerusalem. Then we learned about Judas' plan to betray Jesus and when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. We ended the week with the Last Supper.

Each day we read aloud an Easter-themed picture book. We enjoyed Humphrey's First Palm Sunday, The Easter Egg, The Egg Tree, and Bunny's First Spring.

After reading, we did a fun project that connected our hearts to the story. This week we made palm branches and role-played the story, made salt dough egg ornaments, made an egg tree, and no-sew sock bunnies!

Friday was set apart to have a time of reflection on all we had learned throughout the week and a special Spring nature study.

The recipe for tea time was Easter Egg Fruit Pizza. While we munched, we each recited what we had memorized this week and discussed what God has been teaching us through the lessons.

For the nature study, we used Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt and Spring with My Senses worksheets on a nature walk and then recorded our experiences in our nature journals.

It's not too late to join us using An Expectant Easter! Many families are starting the curriculum on Monday and continuing the week after Easter.

Here are a few photos of families all over the world enjoying the first week of An Expectant Easter:

Image courtesy of @nicoleornelas

Image courtesy of @doehlermama

Image courtesy of @ediemohn

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Image courtesy of @thebenikbunch

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