Homeschool Supplies List by Subject

Homeschool Supplies List by Subject

While I am fairly minimal when it comes to curriculum, materials, and supplies for our homeschool, I do have some favorites to share! If you are new to homeschooling, don’t let this list overwhelm you. Start with the basics and add to your collection over time. Homeschooling can be done well with a library card and a few essentials.

If you are looking to add to your supply cabinet, this list will point you in the right direction of what you may need to get started, as well as brands, types, and sizes that have worked well for us. This blog post is a round-up of my very top essentials and favorites in multiple categories and academic subjects.

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If you are curious about how I store and organize our homeschool supplies, check out this YouTube video where I share a full tour of our homeschool space.

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Office supplies and lesson preparation

These are the office supplies I use for organizing and preparing our homeschool lessons. Most of these stay in my home office area.

    School room organization and decor

    Homeschool area ideas

    These resources keep our school area looking pretty and organized at the same time! My favorite ones on this list are the posters and garden caddy I use to hold jars of pencils, markers, etc!

    • Paper organizer - We store cardstock, tracing paper, printer paper, and watercolor paper in this in our school area.
    • Label maker - I use this to label things in the school area to help keep them organized!
    • Craft storage boxes - These are great for small loose parts and math manipulatives.
    • Baskets - I keep books, art supplies, and pretty much anything in pretty baskets all around the school area.
    • Garden caddy (similar) - I put supplies like colored pencils and markers in mason jars inside this caddy. It goes in the middle of our school table for everyone to reach.
    • Wide-mouth mason jars
    • Picture ledge - We put our week's books on the ledge for easy reach and wall decor!
    • Poster hangers
    • Cavalini posters
    • Candle holders and beeswax candles - We light a candle for Morning Time to set the tone. The kids can roll these beeswax ones themselves.

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    General school use

    Homeschool planning organizing tools

    These are the tools we reach for every day. The most unpredictable on this list? The cookbook holder! We use it to hold books open while we are researching or replicating drawings and art.

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    Arts and craft supplies

    Best homeschool art supply list

    I use these items for art classes, art replications, notebooking pages, and general drawing, painting, and coloring during school.


    These are my favorite handcrafts to do during read alouds or in the afternoons.

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    Language, phonics, and handwriting

    Alphabet cards learning to read

    These materials are key during learning to read in a multi-sensory way.


    These are fun additions to our math lessons, especially when we need something hands-on to help make connections or just to mix things up!

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    Nature study

    Homeschool Nature Study Ideas

    Here are some resources we use as we study nature through the seasons. 

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    Download a FREE week of Treehouse Nature Study

    Geography, history, and science

    I've used these materials year after year as we study geography, history, and science. 

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    I hope this list will help you select items that will enhance your homeschool experience and prepare you for year of fun and learning! Let us know your must-have items in the comments below!


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