Resources to Help You Have Healthy Conversations with Your Children About Sex

Resources to Help You Have Healthy Conversations with Your Children About Sex

Ready or not, here it comes! Your sweet angel child blurts out a question out of what seems like “the blue” to you, but let me tell you–just because you weren’t prepared, doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong time or it shouldn’t be answered with the truth.

As parents, we have the honor to be the loving authority in our children’s lives. We want to be the first to talk to our children about this topic. But how? In this post, I share my recommendations for books and resources to guide you in talking to your children about sex.

Some of these books are meant to be read with your child, like read-alouds. Others are a guide for the parent to lead the children in discussion. Lastly, I have included a podcast and online course I recommend (with a discount code)! My hope is that this list would give you tools to feel empowered to have healthy and confident conversations about sex with your children.

God’s Design for Sex book series

This series contains four books by age level, from age 3-16. Written as picture books for children, they communicate clear and respectful information and illustrations that open the door for discussion with parents. Parent guides are also available separately.

The Talk Parent Guide

The Talk presents seven studies meant for parents to read and discuss alongside children. Each lesson is anchored in Scripture and teaches foundational truths and biological facts about sexuality. This study is laid out like a study guide with a teacher's section and discussion points and is meant for children ages 6-10 years old.

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures book series

These books are read-aloud stories about a mom and dad who explain what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it. In the junior version (for ages 3-7), the language is more simplified and children learn to turn, run & tell when they are accidentally exposed to inappropriate content.

God Made All of Me book

This book was written for children ages 2-8 and shares truth through creative storytelling. The goal of this book is to equip parents to talk with children about their bodies and to help them understand the difference between the appropriate and inappropriate touch of others.

Birds & Bees online course

Birds & Bees offers both an online course and an insightful podcast. The course is a series of short, engaging lessons providing tools and strategies for talking to children about sex. There is also an optional section of the course about integrating faith into these conversations.

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What resources have you found helpful in approaching this topic? Share in the comments.

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