Overview: Daily Rhythm Bundle

Overview: Daily Rhythm Bundle


In my 14 years of homeschooling and teaching children, I've learned that children are highly visual. Even in our home routine, I find that having a way to plan our days, while setting and managing expectations, helps us all get through the day with more ease. Children thrive when they know what to expect throughout the day, and feel out of control when then don’t.

I am excited to announce our best-selling Daily Rhythm Bundle has been redesigned with beautiful, hand-painted watercolor illustrations. We designed this set to add eloquence and beauty to your homeschool space and support a peaceful rhythm throughout your day. 

Rather than enforcing a rigid schedule, the Daily Rhythm Bundle helps you design and create a general rhythm and feel for your home. It includes the Daily Rhythm Cards, the Daily Rhythm Worksheet, and a Weekly Chore Chart. Because every family is unique, we designed this set with flexibility in mind to help meet each family's individual needs.

What the Daily Rhythm Bundle includes

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The Daily Rhythm Bundle includes 36 Daily Rhythm Cards, the Daily Rhythm Worksheet, and the Weekly Chore Chart. The 36 Daily Rhythm Cards feature hand-painted watercolor illustrations of common daily activities. The Daily Rhythm activities include daily tasks like meal times, school subjects, chores, options for play, and more. These cards may be displayed in your home or school room to create a visual schedule of the day’s activities.

Use the Daily Rhythm Worksheet to map out your family’s daily rhythm by the hour. This sheet is laminated so you can write your family’s rhythm in dry erase marker, allowing you to make adjustments when things inevitably shift and change. 

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Finally, the bundle includes a Weekly Chore Chart so your child can visualize and track their daily chores. We recommend hanging this on the fridge or a common area where your child can access it easily. 

This bundle is available in both a digital, editable version and a hard copy, laminated bundle. (Note: The hard copy version is not editable and does not include a digital download.)

One Weekly Chore Chart is included with the hard copy version. If you plan to purchase the hard copy version and have multiple children, be sure to add-on an additional Weekly Chore Charts so each child can have their own. Due to the cost of shipping, Weekly Chore Charts are only available as add-ons to an existing order.

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What’s new in the Daily Rhythm Bundle

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The best-selling Daily Rhythm Bundle now includes hand-painted watercolor illustrations to add beauty and eloquence to your homeschool space. 

In addition, the Daily Rhythm Bundle also includes a Daily Rhythm Sheet to plan out  your day by the hour. Use the Daily Rhythm Sheet to map out your day on one page before you set up the cards in your home.

The Daily Rhythm Bundle also includes a Weekly Chore Chart to plan and track your child's chore responsibilities throughout the week. Both the hard copy versions of the Daily Rhythm Sheet and the Weekly Chore Chart are made for use with dry erase markers so you can modify as much as you need to.

The digital version of the Daily Rhythm Bundle (not included with the hard copy) includes editable fields for the Daily Rhythm Cards so you can customize your daily activities and chores. The Daily Rhythm Sheet and Weekly Chore Chart also include editable fields to suit each family or child's individual needs and responsibilities.

Using the Daily Rhythm Bundle in your home

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Daily Rhythm Cards

I designed the Daily Rhythm Cards for daily use in our home to gently guide our days alongside setting expectations for what we hope and plan to accomplish each day. Of course, that is always subject to change, but the cards are a visual reminder of what we have ahead each day. They truly support both myself and my children in keeping us on track, while leaving flexibility for changes as things come up or as rhythms inevitably shift.

I like to set up the Daily Rhythm Cards in the main area of our home where it is visible to me and my children throughout the day. I have found that displaying them in such a way that they can easily be moved around is really helpful. I like to hang a velcro strip on the wall and the opposing piece of velcro on the back of the cards. We have also had success with string and small clothespin clips. We keep a small basket nearby with the cards not currently in use.

Each morning during Morning Time, we spend a minute or two talking through our day and adjusting the Daily Rhythm Bundle cards to suit our day’s schedule. Even my younger children, who can’t read yet, love to look over our day and have become familiar with the images that represent different parts of our day. Having a visual reminder of the flow of the day helps reduce meltdowns and supports children through transitions. As we go through our day, sometimes the kids like to remove the cards from the wall. This helps them remember what they have finished and what is next.

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The cards include 36 common daily activities and school subjects with hand-painted watercolor illustrations to represent them. Sometimes I like to split up the cards into our daily rhythm that includes everything from mealtimes and evening activities and our homeschool routine of subjects. 

While it is a simple practice, using the Daily Rhythm Cards help our days go smoothly and with more ease, while helping me connect and create a meaningful routine with my children each day.

Weekly Chore Chart

homeschool chore chart for kids dry erase

I like to hang one copy of the Weekly Chore Chart for each child on the refrigerator at the child’s eye level. We keep dry erase markers nearby, so they can check off their list as they work through their responsibilities in the morning. We also include evening chores towards the bottom of the list.

For the younger two, I like to draw little pictures next to the words to help them remember what the chores are. For example, a little t-shirt next to “Get Dressed” and a bed next to “Make Bed.” After my children complete their chores and check off the circles for the morning, they get a small reward like a vitamin gummy or sticker. The kids love that their names are written on the top and that they can write and wipe the chart clean each week as we start fresh. 

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One Weekly Chore Chart is included with the hard copy version. If you plan to purchase the hard copy version and have multiple children, be sure to add-on an additional Weekly Chore Charts so each child can have their own. Due to the cost of shipping, Weekly Chore Charts are only available as add-ons to an existing order.

Our Daily Rhythm sheet

I personally use this sheet for my own reference, but older children may enjoy having their own as well. I like to hand-write an outline of my ideal daily rhythm with a dry erase marker, hour-by-hour, and keep it on the refrigerator as a reference. As seasons shift, I can easily adjust the rhythm by wiping it clean and rewriting it. 

The Daily Rhythm Bundle Product Details

The Daily Rhythm Bundle Digital Download Details

The digital download includes:

  • 36 editable Daily Rhythm cards
  • Our Daily Rhythm worksheet
  • Weekly Chore Chart sheet

All items feature hand-painted watercolor illustrations. This file is a digital download and will be sent to the email address you use to checkout. All digital sales are final.

We suggest printing the cards on card stock and laminating them. You can hang them in your home using velcro or sticky tack. For best print results, we suggest you edit and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application. Full print and editing instructions are included in the download. 

The digital download version is sold separately from the hard copy product. 

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The Daily Rhythm Bundle Hard Copy Details

The hard copy bundle includes:

  • 36 Daily Rhythm Cards
  • 1 Our Daily Rhythm sheet
  • 1 Weekly Chore Chart sheet

One Weekly Chore Chart is included with the Daily Rhythm Bundle. If you plan to use the Weekly Chore Chart for multiple children, I recommended adding additional Weekly Chore Charts to your order. (Note: Due to the cost of shipping, additional Weekly Chore Charts are only available for purchase as an add-on to an existing order.)


  • Hand-painted watercolor nature illustrations
  • Professionally printed on a commercial-grade printing press 
  • 100# cover weight paper
  • Glossy laminated (allowing for use of dry erase markers)
  • Rounded corners
  • Printed in the USA

All hard copies ship in 5-7 business days.

Have you used the Daily Rhythm Bundle in your home or homeschool? Let me know in the comments below!


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