My Favorite Blogs, Podcasts, and Books for the Homeschool Mama

My Favorite Blogs, Podcasts, and Books for the Homeschool Mama


Whether you’re just starting to research homeschooling, you’re a new homeschool mom, or you’re seasoned and looking for encouragement and ideas, this list is for you! In each category, I have compiled my top TEN favorites. I hope you love them as much as I do.

While I do not subscribe 100 percent to a particular method of education, our homeschool leans heavily on the Charlotte Mason method which is reflected in my favorite resources listed below.

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I hope this list is a resource you come back to again and again to find sources of wisdom and encouragement for your home education journey.

Websites and Blogs:

  1. Read-Aloud Revival - This is my go-to for book lists by age level and interest. Sarah Mackenzie is the founder and she also has a podcast and books that you will see in the other lists!
  2. Cathy Duffy Reviews - If you are interested in researching a particular curriculum or are on the hunt for a curriculum for a particular subject, this curriculum review website is truly so helpful!
  3. Sally Clarkson - I lean on Sally Clarkson for all things biblical mothering and homeschooling with Christ at the center. Her website has an encouraging blog, but you will see her name again on the other two lists!
  4. Simply Charlotte Mason - This website has been very helpful in understanding the ins and outs of the Charlotte Mason method. They also have some great book lists and resources for purchase that we have enjoyed.
  5. Ambleside Online - Most homeschoolers know about Ambleside but I had to mention it in case you didn’t. Ambleside Online (or AO as many call it) is the go-to source for free Charlotte Mason “curriculum” by grade. While we don’t use AO fully, I love their book lists and pull from them often!
  6. Jodi Mockabee - I love all things from this woman, and her blog is no different. Her writing sucks me right in and also includes a lot about home renovations while homeschooling, which is right up my alley. I highly recommend checking out her shop, Schoolhouse Curiosities, as well.
  7. Life Abundantly Blog - Erin shares a lot of wonderful wisdom for homeschooling in her blog, especially for younger years. She is a fellow curriculum developer and while I haven’t personally used her resources, they look rich and lovely.
  8. Brighter Day Press - Whitney’s blog is rich with ideas and wisdom in homeschooling with Christ at the center. She also has a lovely shop of homeschool resources, some which I have used and recommend.
  9. The Peaceful Press - If you have followed me for long, you know I love all things Peaceful Press. Jennifer’s heart for homeschool moms is evident and her wisdom is deep. We have used multiple resources from this company. Don’t overlook her blog but definitely check out her shop!
  10. Treehouse Schoolhouse - Of course, I had to throw our blog in the mix on this list. I have been blogging off and on for over five years now. Check out our top three most popular blog posts:


  1. The New Mason Jar - This podcast is hosted by Cindy Rollins and is all things Charlotte Mason.
  2. A Delectable Education - This podcast is my go-to for Charlotte Mason foundation on practical application.
  3. Modern Miss Mason - This is a newer podcast hosted by Leah Boden. It is a Charlotte Mason podcast helping you find freedom in her philosophy.
  4. Read-Aloud Revival - This podcast is focused on raising children with a love for literature and building a family culture around books.
  5. At Home with Sally - As mentioned above, I love all things Sally Clarkson. This podcast inspires Christian mothers & homeschoolers from her experiences following Christ and homeschooling four children.
  6. Wild and Free - This is the official podcast for the Wild and Free Homeschool Community, hosted by Aisley Arment. I really love the mission and heart behind this podcast and the guest speakers that appear.
  7. Simply Charlotte Mason - This is another great one for beginner Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. You will hear a lot of practical applications on this show.
  8. 1000 Hours Outside - This podcast is all about preserving childhood and spending much of that time outdoors.
  9. The Charlotte Mason Show - Hosted by Julie Ross of A Gentle Feast Curriculum, this podcast is dedicated to discussing Miss Mason’s philosophy, principles, and methods.
  10. Your Morning Basket - Hosted by Pam Barnhill, this podcast centers around things to incorporate into morning time and strategies for keeping it joyful and meaningful.

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  1. For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer McCauley - This is my top recommendation for all new homeschool moms, especially if they are interested in delaying formal education and the Charlotte Mason method.
  2. Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay & Sally Clarkson - This is more of a manual than a book and it is priceless! It is one I plan to reread many times over my homeschool career.
  3. Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt - This book is all about literature-based learning and includes an amazing book list in the back of the book.
  4. Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie- This is a faith-based and inspirational book about leaning into God’s rest and homeschooling from that place.
  5. The Call of the Wild and Free by Ainsley Arment - This book is a great overview of the heart behind home education rooted in the wonder of childhood. I recommend this one for searching for beginner homeschoolers.
  6. The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart - This book was foundational for me in taking steps in immersing our home in creativity and adopting a more gentle approach to homeschooling.
  7. The Read-Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie - You read that right, a second book by Sarah Mackenzie and it’s a good one! This book sums up her heart for creating a culture centered around books and also includes the practical application.
  8. Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola - This is a great book for a large picture overview of the Charlotte Mason method with tips for practical application in areas such as nature study, beauty subjects, and literature.
  9. Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins - This book is all about a mother’s journey through raising and homeschooling her nine children and the sanctification that comes along with it. Very inspiring!
  10. Homeschool Bravely by Jamie Erickson - This book inspires homeschool parents to view home education as life rather than a task or project. This is a good one for new homeschool parents.

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I hope that you can find a few of these resources that you can really sink your teeth into to inspire your home education. Are any of these also your favorites? Comment below!


Alyssa Tocci

This is so helpful I’ve come back to this post so many times in our journey


Dear Lyndsey,

Thank you with all my heart for putting this list together. I have listened to several podcast interviews with you lately (freely rooted, Sally clarkson, and 2 others). I am so inspired by your gentle approach to homeschooling, and I am very excited to dive into these resources. I have been a long-time Sally Clarkson fan, which is where I first learned of you when you were recently interviewed on her show. It feels encouraging to have someone who is “in the trenches” who shares a lot of beliefs and ideals with Sally, who is “out” of the trenches.

Thank you again and God bless all your work, especially your mama work at home, behind the scenes ;)

Alicia Ortego

Thanks for this great selection of homeschooling resources. I am also doing research on homeschooling. I have gathered a selection of homeschooling blogs of my own. Would you take a look here ?


Thank you so much for sharing these resources!

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