Mail Monday: Language Arts through Penpalling

Mail Monday: Language Arts through Penpalling


About eight months ago we began a weekly tradition in our homeschool that has stuck around and has become an enjoyable and integral part of our week. We call it Mail Monday! It’s simple, really. Each Monday, I pull out our Mail Monday box and each child writes a letter to a friend or family member.

Why? Writing letters is an enjoyable way to practice writing skills, handwriting, sentence and paragraph formation, grammar, and build relationships! It’s basically a language arts lesson wrapped in a fun package.

I also love that all of my children ages 2, 4, 7, and 9 can do it simultaneously at their own levels. My little ones can draw pictures and tell me what they want to say to grandma or a friend, and I can write the words. My 7-year-old may write a few sentences, and my 9-year-old a few paragraphs.

My children have done everything from drawing pictures, to writing jokes, stories, and general notes. Sometimes they use stationary and other times lined or computer paper. We collect the addresses of any friends or family members over time and they copy them into their personal address books. They address the envelopes with their own return address and the recipient’s address. They add postage and use a wax seal or sticker to decorate the back. Then, they pop them in the mailbox and wait for a return letter! All of the letters we receive back go into a special bag for them to keep and refer back to when they write their pen pal back.

Here are some links to some of our favorites you will find in our Mail Monday bin.

Address books

I love these because they are simple and alphabetized with wide enough lines for children to write on. Since using these weekly my children have gained skills in alphabetizing! We alphabetize by first name because the children don’t know their friends’ last names, but that is a personal preference. Each child has their own and when they think of someone new to write to, I just reach out and ask a parent for their address.

Stationary and envelopes

We have used various types of stationary over time, but here are some favorites. If you really want to focus on handwriting skills, I recommend choosing some with lines. Sometimes my children will also write on lined school paper and just draw on the blank stationary or cards.

Wax seal kit

This is totally unnecessary but totally fun! It’s also super easy to use.

Fine line markers and pens

We love brightening our letters with color with these pens. Any fine tip markers or pens could work though!


I get themed Forever stamps that my kids will enjoy from the grocery store or post office.

It’s as simple as that! This idea was inspired by The Waldock Way. Tell me in the comments if you have tried Mail Monday in your homeschool.


Treehouse Schoolhouse

Hi Sarah! You could also join some local homeschool Facebook groups, they might want to join in on some mail Monday pen pal writing as well!


Would anyone by chance be a pen pal to my 10 year old daughter, we are active military family move a lot.


I love this idea! We have out of state cousins it would be perfect to do with!


My crew have been penpals with cousins out of state but I love the idea of writing to someone different each Monday! I am sure so many friends or family would love to hear from the kids!


I saw one of your posts on Instagram about this, and we started that week. We have mostly been sending only drawings, but I love the idea of having them tell me what they want to say so that I can write it. We have already received several responses, and it is one of the most exciting parts of the week.

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