Inspiring Children with Stories of Heroes

Inspiring Children with Stories of Heroes

Without even knowing it, children are always on the lookout for a hero. Why do you think young boys are so crazy about Superman? They are quick to be in awe of the character in their favorite movie or show who is ready to take courageous action. They cling to stories where someone rises up to take a stand, follow a passion, or act in bravery. It is especially moving to a child (and anyone) when someone chooses to give up their comforts to spread love and truth to others, even to the point of risking their lives.

I decided early on that if I wanted my children to grow up to live a life of courageous kingdom purpose, I needed to introduce them to heroes of the faith who have gone before us and done just that. I want them to imagine themselves in the story. I want to fill my children’s minds and hearts with inspiring stories of heroes and most importantly, help them envision their own lives as one where they are the hero. 

Of course, the Bible is full of heroic stories! As you read these stories to your children, ask questions to inspire them to imagine themselves in the scene. How would they respond in a similar situation? What did it require of the hero for God use an ordinary man or woman?

This year in our homeschool we have been focusing on countries and cultures around the world. As much as we have enjoyed studying the geography and cultures, our favorite part has been exploring the lives of heroes of the faith that have made lasting change in villages, cities, and entire countries. Many of these heroes are making an impact all around the world even now, long after they have died. 

Here is a list of some of the books featuring heroes we have read so far and loved. Some are characters from the Bible, and others are historical or modern-day heroes. All will encourage and inspire you and your children to live a life of purpose and passion!

This book introduces children to 50 ordinary men and women in the Bible who courageously partnered with God to accomplish incredible things. You'll read short one-page summaries of heroes like Abraham, Martha, and Sarah.

This book functions great as a quick one-page read for a family devotion time or bedtime story. Fifty inspirational mens' stories are highlighted, such as C.S. Lewis, William Wilberforce, and Billy Graham. Great for age 6+.

Each of these volumes covers 15 heroes of the faith. Each heroes story is broken into four engaging readings, which is perfect for homeschool lessons or family devotionals. We have loved using these in our morning Bible time. Great for age 6+.

My older children (ages 8 & 9) got these easy read chapter book collections for Christmas for independent reading and love them. Each box contains five books and covers fifty extraordinary people in the following categories: Ten Girls/Boys Who Changed the World; Ten Girls/Boys Who Used Their Talents; Ten Girls/Boys Who Made History; Ten Girls/Boys Who Didn’t Give In; Ten Girls/Boys Who Made a Difference. Great for age 6+.

These action-packed historical fiction chapter books are based on true events of Christian heroes like George Muller, Nate Saint, and Amy Carmichael. We are currently using some of these in our homeschool as read alouds, along with the Teacher's Guides and my kids also love to read these independently. Highly recommend! Great for age 6+.

Christian Heroes: Then and Now books are detailed biographies of missionaries, in story form. We have enjoyed reading and listening to these on audio as we are studying missionaries. There are fifty of these inspiring books. Great for ages 8+.

This series is perfect to inspire the younger ones, but my older children also enjoy them greatly. These are easy read hardcover picture books with vibrant illustrations. 

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Do you have any other books that you have loved that inspire our children with lives of heroes? Add them to the comments section! 


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