How Has Motherhood Changed You? I Asked, You Answered.

How Has Motherhood Changed You? I Asked, You Answered.

My oldest son turned eight years old the other day, and it had me reflecting on how much I have changed in the last eight years. When I look at those photos, I recognize that woman’s face, free spirit, love for Jesus, and passion for life. I remember who that woman was and I love her, but I am not the same today. I still carry all of those things, but today I am so much more because of what the eight years of motherhood has added to my life.

Sadly, there is a message in today’s culture that says that motherhood is a thief. The message is that motherhood steals your freedom, your body, your time, your personality, your opportunities, and more.

I stand against that message and say that motherhood has added to my life, not stolen a thing. Of course, so much has shifted in all of those areas since becoming a mother, but I refuse to believe the lie that different or even hard means bad.

It’s not just me saying that motherhood has changed me for the better–so many of you said so too. I threw up a simple question in Instagram stories the other day and expected a handful or responses. Instead, hundreds poured in!

Here was the question: How has motherhood changed you? I compiled some of the recurring and impactful responses to share.

Here is what YOU said:

Motherhood has...

  • humbled me, softened my heart, and stripped me of haughty pride.
  • taught me how to live in the moment.
  • taught me how to be selfless and lay down my life daily.
  • taught me how much I really need Jesus every day day and every hour.
  • taught me how to stop the game of comparison.
  • taught me the purpose of life.
  • stripped away the chaff and left me with what matters.
  • allowed me to see magic in things I had never seen before.
  • forced me to see myself as a gift.
  • made me more compassionate.
  • made me more confident.
  • brought me back to life in the fullest of ways.
  • taught me how to be present over perfect.
  • helped me understand the fullness of God’s love.
  • stopped me from self-destruction and taught me to be the best version of myself.
  • made me a more graceful woman.
  • helped me realize my priorities.
  • taught me a whole new level of patience.
  • brought healing and redefinition to what love is and broken generational chains.
  • given me less judgment of others.
  • rocked me to my core and when I let go, it made me the best version of myself.
  • helped me become myself in motherhood.
  • taught me to let my yes be yes and my no be no.
  • helped me have no doubts about God’s ability to do miracles.
  • filled a hole I didn’t know was empty.
  • brought a slow dying of self and the awakening of greater purpose.
  • taught that there is no better mirror than your children. I am a constant work in progress.
  • taught me that I can’t control anything by my attitude!
  • given me understanding of the true meaning of love.
  • has brought me freedom. I used to have a crippling fear of what others thought of me, but now I am free!
  • given me appreciation for the little things- a little bug, a fun pattern, frost on a window.
  • taught me there is a strength inside me that only could be God-given.
  • exposed control issues in me, while humbling me to see how little control I actually have.
  • taught me real purpose, not the the rat race.
  • slowed me down and taught me patience and observation. I can now see people’s hearts.
  • taught me that sacrificing self for your children yields even greater joy.
  • helped me not take as much for granted. The fragility of life seems so much more obvious.
  • taught me to be braver and stronger by Christ alone.
  • completely humbled and broken me in the best ways possible.
  • brought a new level of flexibility in my life.
  • given me the chance to finally feel like I am doing what I was born to do and be what I was born to be.
  • helped me to see the gospel in a whole new way.
  • shown my sin nature, but also a glimpse of the immense love God must have for us.
  • made tangible the need for God’s grace.
  • made me emotionally grounded, alive with awe and wonder.

Wow! The next time you start believing the lies of what motherhood has “stolen” from you, remember this list and use it to combat those lies. Share this blog post with someone who needs this encouragement.

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