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Calendar and Weather Charting for Kids

Calendar and Time

calendar weather charts for kids

Each weekday morning, the very first thing we do in our home education is grab our Morning Time Menus and dry-erase markers and get to work on our Traceable Monthly Calendars.

So many valuable skills and concepts are learned by simply using a calendar with our children on a regular basis. Using a calendar with our children teaches math concepts such as sequencing, patterns, and numeral recognition. It also gives children a sense of security and awareness as they understand what is to come in their weeks and months.

I designed the Traceable Monthly Calendar so that my children could take ownership of calendar time, rather than just observe me marking the date on a family calendar and writing on the board. It was designed so that children can practice letter formation and spelling of the current month as they trace each letter at the top of the page. They will also have numeral practice as they trace each number in the current year and up to the current day’s date. Everything is more fun with dry erase markers, so my children love having this printable in a Morning Time Menu (restaurant menu cover) or in a dry-erase pouch.

calendar for kids

Each month includes a beautiful watercolor tree that changes color with the seasons, and now by popular demand, we offer a Southern Hemisphere version for those in our community who have opposite seasons as us!

The Daily Date and Time Chart takes it a step further and gives children the opportunity to look at the monthly calendar and transfer the information as they circle the day and month and write out the full date. Time telling skills are practiced as they draw the hands of the clock, write the time, and circle AM or PM. 

Weather Charting

As children observe and chart the weather on a regular basis they are getting the opportunity to practice prediction skills, observe patterns and seasonal rhythms, gain scientific knowledge, and use critical thinking skills. After we complete our calendar each day, the children fill out their weather charts. They LOVE running outside to check how it looks and feels or observing the weather report online to fill out their charts. 

I designed the Daily Weather Chart to include more than just basic weather and seasons to further their experience. 

The Daily Weather Chart includes trackers for:

  • Weather (such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.)
  • Season
  • Wind
  • Moon phase
  • High and low temperature
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather

I added a section for filling in the current moon phase, and put together this coordinating Moon Phase Sheet for your family to use as a reference.

All of these resources are available in our Morning Time Bundle, now updated for the 2024 year!

weather charting and calendar for kids homeschool

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Preschool Morning Time Bundle

I recently designed a preschool alternative to our best-selling Morning Time Bundle, designed for the younger children ages 2-5 in your family. In addition to the Traceable Monthly Calendar, the Preschool Morning Time Bundle includes a simplified Weather Chart and an All About Me page where they can practice writing their name and expressing their feelings. 

This entire exercise takes only a few minutes each morning and so much is gained! I hope you find these resources as helpful and enjoyable as we do as you offer your children the opportunity to learn more about the time and space they live in and the world around them. Shop all of our Morning Time resources below!

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