Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023


It’s that time again. The time of the year that you look around your house and think, “These children do not need one more single toy!” And yet, Christmas is coming and while you could offer experience gifts like a membership to the zoo, many of you (just like me) want something for your children to unwrap on Christmas morning!

I have compiled six lists for you of my top favorites in each category. Gifts for the crafter, the mover, the dreamer, the innovator, the naturalist, and the gamer. Every item is linked to my Amazon storefront where you can find all of my favorite gift ideas in one place.

Gifts for the crafter 

These are some of my favorite for creative kids who love to craft and create. With these, your children can start a new project, advance their skills, or stock up on new craft supplies.

holiday gifts kids crafts 2023

1. Friendship Bracelet Kit
2. Modeling Beeswax
3. Sewing Book
4. Latch Hook Kit
5. Wooden Weaving Loom
6. Polymer Clay
7. Origami Set
8. Sketching Set
9. How to Draw Book
10. Weaving Loom
11. Rainbow Loom
12. Beeswax Crayons
13. Tracing Paper
14. Felt Sewing Kit
15. Watercolor Brushes
16. Embroidery Kit
17. Knitting Loom Set 
18. Beeswax Candle Making Kit
19. Wooden DIY Model Kits 
20. Paint by Number

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Gifts for the mover 

These are my favorite things for active kids who thrive when they are moving and at play.

holiday gifts children 2023 active kids

1. Stepping Stones
2. Scooter Board
3. Climbing Triangle
4. Wiggle Car
5. Play Tunnel
6. Tree Swing
7. Rock Climbing Holds
8. Climbing Tower
9. Mini Trampoline
10. Balance Bike
11. Hopper Ball
12. Walking Stilts
13. Play Couch
14. Pogo Stick
15. Rollerblades
16. Foam Ball Pit
17. Ankle Skip Ball
18. Sit & Spin 
19. Pogo Trick Ball
20. Swing Scooter

Gifts for the dreamer

These are items for imaginative children of all ages who spend hours at play.

kids gifts holiday Christmas imagination
15. Tea Set

Gifts for the innovator

This list is for the innovators in your life - the ones who build, create and re-create.
holiday gift guide STEM toys 2023
6. Legos
14. Plus Plus
17. Squigz
18. Duplos

Gifts for the naturalist

This list is for the naturalists in your life who love being outdoors! These are all items we use regularly in nature play.
gifts children nature play christmas 2023

Gifts for the gamer

These are some of my favorite items for kids who love to play games!
best holiday gifts games ages 4-8

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Happy holidays from all of us here at Treehouse Schoolhouse. I hope this gift guide gets your wheels turning for your children this season! For a full list of gifts, check out my Amazon storefront. If you have any favorites from these lists, or something you'd add, I'd love to hear. Let me know in the comments below.

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Kelley Ann Smith

This is SO helpful, thank you!!!!

Lyndsey, Treehouse Schoolhouse

Hi Kelly and Anna,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The links should all be working correctly!


Love this list so much, but the latch hook kit (the one I was especially excited about!) is linked to the sewing book. Hoping you can fix it! Thank you:)


The link under “Tracing Paper” takes me to the beeswax crayons.

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