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Traceable Monthly Calendar 2024

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We designed this 2024 Traceable Monthly Calendar for use during Morning Time. I suggest you print it on cardstock and then place inside of a menu sleeve or dry-erase pouch. 

Each morning, your child will trace the month name and each number leading up to the day's date. I designed this calendar so that your child can practice letter and number formation each morning while learning the essential calendar skills of sequencing, patterns, and numeral recognition. It also gives children a sense of security and awareness as they understand what is to come in their weeks and months.

Each month includes a beautiful watercolor tree that changes color with the seasons, and now for the first time ever we offer a Southern Hemisphere version for those in our community who have opposite seasons as us!

This calendar is also available as part of our Traceable Morning Time Bundle!

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Traceable Monthly Calendar 2024
Traceable Monthly Calendar 2024
Traceable Monthly Calendar 2024

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A “no brainer” purchase

I’ve used these for years with my kids. It’s a great addition to their morning time items and it takes the work out of it for me! (Homeschooling mom of three, so some things get outsourced and items from this shop are always a guaranteed success for




We love using this resource.

Have used this for years!

Cannot believe this upcoming year will be 3 years utilizing this calendar in our morning time! The repetition has helped my first grader to grasp the sense of days, time and seasons. I recommend to any one who asks what we use.

Love this!

I use this calendar for my preschooler. I have it in a plastic sleeve and he uses a dry erase marker to trace. I like the visual and hands on way that this teaches kids how to use a calendar as well as workin on days of the week, months and numbers.