I’m Lyndsey, a mama of four, from infant to 7 years old. Before becoming a mama, I went to a Bible training school, majoring in Christian education. In my early twenties I served at a church as a Children’s Ministry Director and then had a career for a few years as a private homeschool teacher for two children with special needs. In both positions I discovered my passion for creative storytelling, good literature, hands-on learning, nature exploration, and following the interests of the children. As a private teacher, we did a lot of our schooling outdoors. You could find us in the woods, on a kayak, on a picnic blanket, at playgrounds, and in their treehouse!

It was the best job and prepared me for my life now with my children in specific and amazing ways. I always dreamed of schooling my own children at home, and now the time has come. My two oldest were born with hearing impairment and wear hearing aids. I’m thankful that home education can give them access to the best listening environment when they’re learning. They both learn best with lots of visuals, using their whole bodies, in a good listening environment, and led by their interests. So that is what we do!

If you can’t find me reading to the kids, rocking the baby, or cooking dinner, you might look for me at my favorite local French bakery sipping a cafe au lait (and blogging), hiking in the woods somewhere, or hiding in my room eating chocolate and video chatting my besties. I also love to sew, bake healthy things that don’t taste healthy, and have dreaming dates with my husband.

Treehouse Schoolhouse was birthed in the beginning stages of our homeschool journey in order to build community with others who are on a similar path and share inspiration and resources.