Books to Prepare Toddlers for a New Baby

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My husband and I currently have a 22-month old daughter, Emilia, and we are thrilled to be expecting our second child in December! Emmy is getting to an age where she notices babies in public and loves playing with baby dolls. So, I figured she’s old enough to begin to understand the new baby on the way. I scoured the internet for books to help explain the big changes coming.

I found a great collection of books that start by explaining mama’s growing belly, show her what to expect when the new baby comes home, and get her excited about becoming a Big Sister!

Here are some of our favorites:

Waiting for Baby, Rachel Fuller

This book does an excellent job explaining the changes happening to mom as her belly grows. There’s even a page where mom is shown sleeping on the couch while Dad serves dinner – ha how true to life is that! It also shows what happens when Mommy and Daddy leave for the hospital. I love that the pictures aren’t gender specific, so you can easily read this book with a big sister or brother.

My New Baby, Rachel Fuller

First time siblings are in for some big changes when the new baby comes, and this book helps prepare them. The pictures show mommy nursing the baby almost constantly, and encourages older siblings to be quiet while the baby is sleeping. This is by far Emmy’s favorite book, as we replace the pronouns in the book with her name. I say, “Look Emmy is holding the new baby!” and she begs me to read it again and again.

I am a Big Sister, Caroline Jayne Church (also available in I am a Big Brother)

I imagine this book will be especially helpful once the new baby comes or for older children. It really gets older siblings excited about taking on new responsibilities in the house by fetching diapers and helping with bath time. It makes my heart melt just imagining my two little ones growing up together.

We’ve also been doing lots of role play with Emmy’s baby dolls practicing rocking, nursing, and changing the baby. Emmy now wants to kiss the baby in mama’s belly every night before bed and even includes him in her nightly prayers.

I hope you find these ideas helpful if you have another child on the way. What are some other books you’ve found helpful to explain new siblings?

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